About Us

Overview of Company

From very humble beginnings in 2004 M/S Yash abrasive Ind. Pvt. Ltd.( Now known as YASH ABRASIVE ) Has a long way to become one of the leading manufacturer of bonded abrasives for the mirror like polish of granite and other natural stones in India.

Under the lead of the company proprietor Mr.. Atul Kumar Jain, Yash abrasive is emerging as one of the leading manufacturer for bonded abrasives used in the stone industry.

The company has dual specialization in quality according to the market needs.

Our company produces exclusively surface grinding stones (bricks) for grinding and polishing of granite stone . Actually, to polish granites, we produce exclusively Lux-Final Polisher For Granite, due to the outstanding results which are realized with them in quality, velocity of working and costs, very difficult to surpass.

A company at small industry level, but with an efficacious work organization. Thus allowing big productivity and containing costs.

Vision Values

We should like to offer our sincere thanks to all our customers, to the workers and collaborators who, with their constancy and faith in us, have made possible the creation of “Yash abrasive”.

To them and those that follow we promise our continued commitment.

  • Ensure optimum performance in the most demanding operating conditions
  • Manufacture bonded abrasive to meet specific customer requirement
  • Dedicated technical staff in constant touch with the customers, assisting them
  • To get best performance from the abrasives
  • Offer competitive prices to ensure low grinding and polishing cost.


We don’t use experience of others and we don’t have to defend an “old image”. For us it is a pleasure to produce in quality-competition in order to differentiate ourselves in the market.

Since 2004 all our products are results of our own trials and competition with others.

Company USP

  • Yash abrasive reduce processing time by more than 30%
  • It is an incredible product. We have been able to reduce polishing cost by 20%
  • Yash abrasive produce superior gloss as compared to any other product in the category available in the Indian market as well as in international markets.
  • Ease of grinding and polishing for all types & colors of stones
  • Reliability in performance & service
  • Uniform performance throughout product life